Divorce Visitation Services

Divorce is difficult, especially with children in the mix. If you are struggling to co-parent with your ex, consider the divorce visitation services offered by Community Solutions. Whether you don’t trust your ex with your child or you would like a neutral party to be present in the event of an argument, we can help.

Visitations Shouldn’t Be a Burden

We understand that seeing your ex can be difficult, but your child needs to have successful visitation time in order to process the divorce and sustain a relationship with the noncustodial parent. Our supervised visitation agency allows you to conduct visitations on neutral ground where all parties can feel safe.

If you fought hard to be the custodial parent and you are hesitant to allow the noncustodial parent access to your child, you are likely frustrated if the court has granted your ex visitation rights. Alternatively, you might be the noncustodial parent and wish for the best visitation session possible. However, you might have a lot of things standing in the way of smooth visitation sessions:

  • you don’t feel safe around your ex
  • you don’t feel like your child is safe with your ex
  • you don’t feel comfortable being with your child at your ex’s residence
  • you don’t want your ex to come to your home
  • you don’t want your child to see you and your ex fighting

Our facility provides the opportunity for visitations to take place without any of these challenges present. If the custodial parent wishes not to be present during a visitation, all parties can rest assured that a nonbiased third party will be present during the visitation. This protects the child from harm and the noncustodial parent from false accusations.

If you would like to learn more about our supervised visitations or other ways in which we can help with your divorce, call us today at (800) 767-4563.